Wearable Technology

Wearable technology is set to change our world, and we're well positioned to be pioneers in this new market. We're looking for partners to help us grow and realise the amazing potential of this technological and human revolution.

Right now there's an explosive growth in wearable technologies finally emerging from R&D labs, from fitness bands and health monitors to gesture-recognition controllers to smart fabrics, smart watches and smart glasses such as Google Glass... and even smart socks.

These "wearables" will offer limitless opportunities for creative software solutions to empower us across many aspects of our lives, in fitness, medicine, recreation, collaboration, disability support, and enterprise, just to name a few. So the wearable technology revolution will be as significant as that of the Internet and of smartphones. And that's why there is so much energy and excitement and investment being poured into wearable technology right now.

Of all the emerging wearable technologies, smart glasses present perhaps the most exciting opportunities. Google Glass is literally a window into a new era of ubiquitous computing. Taking pictures, navigating, messaging, searching the web, video calls, and translation are all standard features that are very enjoyable to use and provide a frictionless "personal assistant" experience. But that's barely scratching the surface of what's possible once software developers like us start to innovate.


We developed our first Google Glass app, YourShow to demonstrate that this technology has immediate useful applications. It's essentially a wearable teleprompter. Public speaking is often cited as peoples' greatest fear. By keeping your slides and speaker notes right in front of you, we empower public speakers to deliver confident, engaging presentations, staying on-cue and on-message.

We're building in some awesome features that are uniquely possible only because of this new wearable medium. There's a huge, monetizable market for YourShow, and for us it's just the beginning. We are actively researching and developing several concepts for Glass that have immediate application and unique value.

Future Developments

Looking into the future, the next version of Google Glass, as well as competing smart glasses and eventually contact lenses, will augment the entire visual field, allow us to drop digital information and objects into the world you see. This is known as "augmented reality," and it's awesome.

Augmented Reality is a technology that has been around for a few years on mobile phones, but is going to take a massive leap forward in capabilities with this new generation of smart glasses. Augmented reality has a huge range of applications, from the fun such as walking around a medieval castle and actually seeing it as it was centuries ago, to the life-saving such as allowing surgeons to overlaying MRI-scans on patients' bodies allowing them to in a sense look inside their patients during procedures.

Simultaneously, gesture recognition devices are coming to market that will allow us to interact with both physical and augmented objects around us. This is the MYO from Thalmic labs, an almost magical device that allows you to control any connected device with hand gestures, giving you Jedi-like powers.

Software developers like ourselves can integrate the different wearable devices to open up opportunities that are simply impossible today. One amazing application through the combination of smart glasses, gesture recognition devices and software will be three-dimensional augmented reality computing surfaces. Basically we will all have access to the awesome tools Tony Stark gets to use in his lab, and we Superhuman Labs will be delivering those tools.

The Market

Market, major players are developing and delivering wearable devices, including Google, Apple, Intel, Microsoft, Samsung and Sony, together with a host of emerging companies. 75 million devices will be shipped in 2013, and that's projected to grow to 300 million annually by 2018. So the wearable technology market represents a huge value proposition to all ecosystem members, from manufacturers to app developers like ourselves.

Right now we're at the tipping point, with the new generation of wearable devices in late prototype stage, and coming to market starting from late this year. For this reason, there are few players developing software applications for these devices. At Superhuman Labs, we're lucky enough to be among very few who have access to the Google Glass prototype. We'll also have early access to the Thalmic MYO. That, together with our powerful vision for what we can achieve, gives us a tremendous advantage to establish ourselves as a key innovator in this new market.

Our Strategy

Phase 1 - Apps for Google Glass
We will position ourselves to be first to market with applications for the new wearable devices as they become available. Google Glass will be released in early 2014, and we already have apps in the pipeline, ready for the launch.

Phase 2 - Integrated Wearables
We will deliver software that integrates multiple devices for some really empowering applications.

Phase 3 - Augmented Reality Apps
With the release of full-vision smart glasses, we will be in place to deliver augmented reality apps that leverage this new tech.

Phase 4 - Augmented Reality Platform
We will more tightly integrate ourselves with the augmented reality market by providing the underlying technologies that apps can be built on.